ZOLL AED Defibrillator

First Response First Aid Ltd are a UK distributor for "ZOLL" selling AED's (Defibrillators) all over the UK

We have done the homework for you when choosing an AED Machine. The Zoll AED machine is the best choice by far.

Why Choose the Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator...

  1. The ZOLL AED Plus is the only AED® with Real CPR Help®, clinically proven to double the survival rate of cardiac arrest casualties.
  2. Research has conclusively proven that the real time feedback provided by Real CPR Help significantly improves the quality of chest compressions by as much as 277%.
  3. The adaptive metronome detects compression rate and guides the user to at least 100 per minute.
  4. The compression depth bar gauge lets the rescuer see the depth of each compression in real time.
  5. Audio prompts help the user to maintain a depth of 5-6cm by prompting to ‘PUSH HARDER’ as needed.
  6. Once installed the AED Plus has the lowest total cost of ownership of any AED on the market with nothing to replace or buy for 5 years.
  7. Powered by 10 lithium batteries with redundant battery circuitry so if one fails the other will take over. The batteries can be purchased at most retail stores making it easier to replace when needed.
  8. The easy to place one-piece electrode can be extended to fit larger patients if necessary, meaning there’s one less thing to worry about.
  9. The lid acts as a ‘passive airway support’ to maintain the victim’s open airway.
  10. The AED Plus has intelligent paediatric capability that automatically analyses a child’s ECG when paediatric electrodes are connected and adjusts the energy levels accordingly.


Five key reasons you should have an AED

  1. Cardiac arrests occur without prior warning and can be fatal if CPR and an AED are not administered within the first 10 minutes.
  2. AEDs are easy to use because they tell you exactly what to do. Although training is preferred, it is not essential.
  3. Chances of survival decrease by 10% every minute with out CPR and the use of an AED. Having an AED nearby is critical to ensure the best possible chance of survival.
  4. You can’t make things worse by using an AED because it will only shock if it is required and the victim will almost certainly die if no action is taken.
  5. Always be prepared. Just as all companies are required to have fire extinguishers in case of fire, having an AED available ensures you are prepared in the event of a cardiac arrest.



Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator    £925 + VAT (Includes Delivery)

AED Training    £295 + VAT (up to 10 people maximum) courses to be run at your venue within 100 mile radius of Birmingham City Centre

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