November News - Our 5 Top Tips for Treating Children's Burns

It’s November, and it’s the time of year for firework events.  Who doesn’t love a bonfire and the spectacle of a fantastic display of fireworks?  They can look beautiful in the sky, but burns can be a risk, especially for small children who might not realise that sparklers can still be hot long after the sparkles have disappeared.

Here are our top 5 tips for treating burns in children.

  1. If your child has a burn, it's essential to treat them quickly.  Run cool water over the area for at least 10 minutes.  If you have no running water nearby, then use another cold fluid (such as milk, or juice). Cooling the burn will lessen any pain or swelling and reduce the risk of scarring. The sooner a burn is cooled the better.
  2. The area needs to covered to prevent infection.  You could use clingfilm or a clean plastic bag; this reduces the pain by keeping air from the skin.  If something is stuck to the burn (like gloves), don’t try to remove them, leave them there and seek medical attention.
  3. It’s important not to use any creams or lotions on the burnt skin.  Using butter is an old wives tale too, don’t use it!
  4. If the burn is larger than a postage stamp, seek medical advice.
  5. If the burn has a blister, don’t touch it,  it will burst naturally.  However be aware that when it does burst, the skin underneath may be very delicate and may need to be dressed.

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November News - Our 5 Top Tips for Treating Children's Burns