From the military to the training room


Laura’s journey from an army medic to a celebrated first aid trainer wasn’t a simple career change; it was the natural progression of somebody with an innate calling to save lives.

First Aid Trainer Laura North teaching CPR

It goes without question that Laura’s industry-leading knowledge and approach to first aid were established during her years in the military. Where timely and effective first aid experience made her a veteran in this field and gave her exactly what it takes to act calmly and correctly in times of pressure. So, who better than our lovely Laura to deliver bespoke, personalised training to help individuals save lives?

For over a decade, Laura served in the armed forces supporting up to 500+ people at any given time with all their health or welfare needs. So where and how did it all start for her? We recently sat down with Laura to listen to her amazing story from her past military experience right through to the present day working at FRFA.

During our chat, Laura pointed to a childhood memory of her aunt, who worked as a paramedic, as the inspiration for her professional career. She stated: “I can recall being a young girl and seeing my aunt doing this amazing role each day of her life. She was going to work and make a real difference for others. I wanted to do the same. Obviously, back then I didn’t know in what capacity that would be, but it lit a spark in me to want to help others, to look after people, and have a positive impact on others. That was the start of everything for me”.

With great wit and a total breath of fresh air attitude, Laura mentioned that her family had always championed her to do whatever she put her mind to. However, they hadn’t anticipated a career in the military. Yet they were so proud of all she achieved during her decade-long service.

Eventually, Laura knew it was time for a change. During the pandemic, while at home, like everybody else, Laura began to offer her voluntary services to help local communities. She credits this as the starting point of her journey to joining FRFA and working within the training sector.

“After 10 years, I was ready for a change, and I knew it was going to be something healthcare/support related. Eventually, I met Dan and the team, and the rest is history”.

So, what is it about FRFA and her role that she loves so much? For Laura, the answer is simple: “I feel so valued and appreciated working at FRFA. I know it sounds a bit cliché, but we genuinely are a family. Everybody is so kind and supportive. We also understand the gravitas and importance of what we do, but it doesn’t stop us from creating a fun, learning environment where people are engaged, focused, and most importantly, enjoying themselves”.

“I can’t quite capture how rewarding this job has been. I love working so closely with the public, hearing their stories, what motivated each individual to complete the training, and knowing that I’m having a positive impact on others. I’ve heard some truly moving stories that have stayed with me long after the training has finished. For example, earlier in the year, we had a teacher join us to complete a blended paediatric training programme. She was brilliant throughout the course. Towards the end of the training, she shared that she’d been in a car accident with her husband and two sons, and heartbreakingly, the two children were killed. For the longest time afterward, she’d lived with survivor’s guilt, and it was only now she was beginning to process what had happened. It was so moving to hear her story and to know that the training had positively impacted her. That’s what makes this job the best in the world, knowing we’re not only giving people the skills to save lives but also helping them with their struggles”.

This is just one of many stories Laura had shared about how important the training has been for learners up and down the country. It was clear that her approachability and desire to help others is what makes her a fantastic trainer. She went on to discuss how she begins each session with an icebreaker to get a real feel for the group and to gauge how to approach the course content in a manner that will benefit everybody. Laura mentioned: “I’ve had one particular learner who was so shy, we could barely get two words out of her at the start of the training programme. I knew I was going to have to pull out all of the stops to make her feel confident and able to integrate with the group and the training. Thankfully, after a few one-to-one chats, the learner really came out of her shell and flourished on the course. It’s things like these that make it all worthwhile”.


For 20+ years, we’ve made it our mission to put people first, so it’s no surprise that we’re the number one choice for organisations, individuals, and communities looking to develop their life-saving skills.

At the heart of everything we do is people, our dedicated team and you, the public, who want to make a real difference for others. You’ve inspired us to develop and tailor training programmes that are bespoke to each individual – high-quality, cost-effective courses that won’t break the bank, but will certainly save a life.

We’re proud of our dynamic trainers and celebrate their brilliance; they truly are the lifeblood of the organisation with their perfect blend of expertise and knowledge combined with passion and approachability. Their friendly nature and wealth of experience foster a rich learning environment where questions are welcomed, support and guidance are paramount, and vital skills development is guaranteed.

Laura’s story, like so many of our learners, goes far beyond the training room. Everybody who has undergone training with FRFA, under the guidance and mentorship of trainers like Laura, has shared inspiring stories of how their newly acquired skills have made a real difference to others. Whether it’s a workplace incident, a community event, or an emergency, the ripple effect of our successes is evident in the lives that have been saved as a result.


In the world of first aid training, FRFA stands out as a beacon of excellence. We’re not just teaching first aid and other training programmes, we are shaping communities of confident, capable, and skilled responders who have the skills to save lives. With individuals like Laura leading the way, FRFA is set to leave a lasting impact on individuals, organisations, and communities. To hear more about our courses or to discuss any requirements you may have for training, please contact us direct via our website: First Response First Aid | Contact Us

Why choose First Response? (First Aid) Ltd

First Response (First Aid) Ltd have some of the most amazing trainers out there, and anybody who has had the pleasure of attending any one of the many courses would fully agree with this statement.

Well done, team First Response (First Aid) Ltd and a big thank you goes out to our customers for providing us with so much positive feedback.

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