First Aid Supplies

As well as providing first aid, food safety and health and safety training, First Response First Aid Ltd also supply businesses and individuals throughout the UK with first aid supplies for the workplace, travel and home.

Guidance from the HSE states the minimum level of first-aid equipment you may need is a suitably stocked first-aid box. (First-aid kit.) You should provide at least one first-aid kit for each workplace, although more than one might be required on larger sites. Each kit should be stocked with a sufficient quantity of first-aid materials suitable for the particular circumstances of your workplace.

First-aid kits should be made easily accessible. The contents of the first-aid kit should be checked frequently and restocked soon after any use.

Your needs assessment may indicate that additional materials and equipment are required eg foil blankets, cleansing wipes, cutting shears. These may be kept in the first-aid kit if there is room, or stored separately.

HSE has published further guidance on first aid equipment which gives advice on the minimum contents of a first-aid kit.

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