Please see below below some of the many testimonials we recieve about our courses and our trainers. It really does make working in the training industry worth every second when a customer comes back and praises your work.

First Response First Aid Ltd have some of the most amazing trainers out there and anybody has that has had the pleasure of attending any one of the many course would fully agree with this statement

Well done team First Response and a big thank you goes out to our customers for providing us with so much positive feedback.


Anaphylaxis and CPR Course | Warwickshire
Excellent refresher course taking into consideration our existing knowledge and experience - Anneke | The Whole course was very satisfying - Corina | Excellent practical training - Catalina | Good trainer and very interactive - Karen | Excellent demonstrations, friendly approach and interesting - no-name | Good demonstrations - no-name | Very good Interactive course - Isabel
First Aid at Work Course | Walsall
I have just completed the First Aid at Work Requalification course. This is my ninth renewal but I have always faced it with a feeling of dread, however, 3 years ago I was introduced to First Response First Aid. I was so impressed with the standard of presentation and delivery, my employers now use your service  for the retraining of all our First Aiders...and I admit to enjoying my latest course! Thank you | T.Walters  
Elena Hadtitheodoulou | Private candidate
Very impressed, friendly and added light humour. Very encouraged by the fact that Lee responds to real life emergencies as a First Responder...  
Paediatric First Aid Course | Wolverhampton
I wanted to let you know that in 22 years, this was by far the best first aid course I have ever been on. The trainer (Glenn Hulse) was really thorough, his explanations and demonstrations were clear, and the course was good value for money because he delivered more than the 12 full hours, no time was wasted, and I came away confident that I can cope in an emergency | Dawn - Accredited Childminder
First Aid at Work Course | Walsall
Gareth – The Team, May I express my sincere thanks in the course taken this week which I earlier today obtained my FAW. From the initial contact with yourselves the service provided was very prompt, efficient and professional without any faults, issues or hiccups which seems to be the norm these days. On to the actual course. The tutors (Brian & Mick Dennant) delivering the training was 1st class in that not only did they keep the flow going but interesting and to the point without any lethargic or boredom points that can arise in some training. They are not only a credit to First Response but also contenders for the stage should they wish a change in career direction as the humour was uplifting and consistent. Many thanks again and kind regards | Tony - Managing Dirtector
Paediatric First Aid Course | Solihull
I felt that this course was very imformative and delivered in a frindly and reasurring atmosphere by a very knowledgeable trainer. I would recommend this course and trainer as essential to all foster carers. Information obtained will prove invaluable when dealing with any potential future emergency situations. I would like to thank Tom for the experience | T.Lambert - Foster Carer  
Paediatric First Aid Course | Leicestershire
Style of delivery was great, made a difficult subject simple and a "can do approach". When I say simple, I meant it was broken down into common sense - which is what it should be | M.Hoult Foster Carer
First Aid at Work Course | Redditch, Worcestershire
Just wanted to say I have just  had some really positive feedback about the course and the trainer so please pass on our thanks | Amanda
Level 2 Food Course | Oldbury
Enjoyed the course and was given excellent examples by tutor on how to remember information "10 out of 10" - Saddia | Learning new things that will improve the way you handle food in the workplace and at home. I enjoyed the course and the time went really quickly. Anyone who handles food should go on thi scourse, even if you dont cook or handle food in a workplace, its very imfromative "10 out of 10" - Nicola | Sarah explained everything clearly and precisely "10 out of 10" - Lynthia | I was  able to learn alot more about food safety things I didnt expect to learn - Liam | The most positive aspect of the course was the clarity on the food management system - Josephine | Sarah was very professional, polite and understanding "10 out of 10" - Michelle | 
Level 2 Food Course | Kibworth, Leicestershire
Please can you kindly pass on my thanks to Tense and also those of all the candidates who enjoyed the course on Tuesday which she ran in Kibworth. I have received very positive feedback from them and they all have said that they learned a lot and benefited from her experience. Kind regards Martyn
Paediatric First Aid Course | Wolverhampton
Hi. Just to say the course was the best I have ever attended. Lisa was absolutely spot on. We would recommend her to everyone and will definitely do the course with you again in 3 years ....... As long as you send us Lisa ! It was actually a much better atmosphere having the course at my house to. Thanks again Deb
Bite Size Training & Advice | Leicestershire
Dear First Response Frist Aid, Thank you for sharing your expertise at the Your Pregnancy, Your Baby Show & Exhibition. I have received some lovely comments regarding your workshops and advice. Both the delegates and I feel they will be exceedingly helpful to those participants who are embarking on their journey as a Parent. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in crafting the presentation and thoroughness in delivering helpful advice. We are looking to run this conference again – but in a slightly different format. As our audience to the main show were almost 100% pregnancy we are investigating the possibility of running a smaller, tighter, more exclusive event – more of a celebration of pregnancy and choice – rather than just a “baby show”. In the next few weeks we will be looking into the idea on more depth. I would value your opinion on our ideas, and would love to be able to work with you again in some way.  Thank you again for helping to create the next generation of Parents. Warm regards,  Liz Earle Director Partners In Pregnancy
Bespoke First Aid | Hampshire
Glenn Husle, presented the course very well, we were all very impressed, and we enjoyed the day which is what matters | Sharon
Bespoke Care Home First Aid | Dorset
I attended the first aid course yesterday (29th July 2014) and just wanted to say I have worked here for 9 years and this is the best training course I have attended. Practical and Fun | Regards Margaret
Care Home Bespoke First Aid | Staffordshire
Please can I ask you to pass on my compliments for the first aid training yesterday at Reginald Mitchell Court. Glenn Hulse the trainer presented the course very well, we were all very impressed, and we enjoyed the day which is what matters | Many thanks Sharon
First Aid at Work | Derby
Glenn was a very knowledgeable & competent trainer. He was friendly & explained everything to a level to suit all present. He coped with all the unusual questions & scenarios which we have come accross excellently. I would highly recommend him as a trainer for groups of all abilities & feel he should be commended for his hard work | Shirley
First Aid at Work | Derby
The trainer had an excellent interactive nature and interacted and controlled and awkward group well. | Anthony
First Aid at Work | Derby
I feel more confident about my first aid than after previous courses I have been on. I'm impressed at how well Glenn coped with targeting content to a "Unique" team of people! He's a good sport! | Amy
Free Bite Size First Aid | Walsall
Thank you very much for the 2 free free first aid courses the parents found them to be very useful and were surprised how much was covered in such a short time. The delivery was amazing (parents words) and very informative. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future. Best Wishes Arfan
Emergency First Aid Inc Paediatric Element | Worcestershire School
I wanted to e-mail to thank you for organising the First Aid course here on Tuesday 2nd September 2014. Please can you pass a message of thanks on to Brian who took the course. We were all imprtessed with his professional manner and sense of humour! Regards Viv - School office
Emergency First Aid at Work Inc Paediatric Element | Worcestershire
I am a new first aider so the course was extremely helpful to me and I have learnt so much
Emergency First Aid at Work Inc Paediatric Element | Worcestershire
Having never taken a first aid course, it really helped me learn about helping someone whether a family member or a stranger. I now know what to do and how to deal with a potential life threatening situation. I thought Brian was fantastic
Open Emergency First Aid at Work Course | Walsall
Hi Folks ! Hope you are well ! Just had feedback from my guys who attended the First Aid Course yesterday. I have never received such good feedback from any course i have sent the guys on. They were all very impressed with the whole days course and the trainers were said to be "fantastic". This morning I was waiting for the moans and groans but it was totally the opposite and sang your praises to the highest level! A particular mention was for Laura who was apparently VERY VERY good and very impressed with the way she delivered the course. So from me, thank you for delivering what was said to be a very enjoyable and very informative course! | Cliff Roberts, Director at Performance Fastners Ltd
Emergency First Aid at Work | Leicestershire
On behalf of my clients Greg, Chris and Martin and myself I would like to say a big thank you to Mike for delivering an excellent course today. With a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and humour together with practical and helpful hands-on interaction, the whole group became involved in a very enjoyable training day. As it was 10 yrs since I did my last first aid course, I learnt a lot and appreciate being brought up to date with the various changes and new topics not previously covered. Well done, Kind regards Martyn
Paediatric First Aid | Leicester
I have done a number of first aid training courses and this was by far the best ! Really comprehensive course, excellent trainer - kept us all interested in learning, lots of opportunities for questions, great knowledge & experience of subject. Thank you !!
Paediatric First Aid | Solihull
Thank you so much for he First Aid course that Sarah ran for us last Wednesday and the Wednesday before. We all really enjoyed ourselves and Sarah was a great "teacher" making the course really informative and useful but none threatening at the same time ! We have all been on courses where you are frightened to get anything wrong but everyone had nothing but praise for Sarah. Please pass on our thanks to her. Regards Jo Brown 
Paediatric First Aid | Walsall
My name is Rachel, I completed a paediatric first aid course with Tom MacArthur a few weeks ago. Today my daughter was showing signs of meningitis with an extremely high temperature. I would like you to pass on my thanks to Tom for teaching me as well as he did because his voice was ringing in my ears telling what I should do, I remained calm and felt confident that I was able to manage the situation until the emergency services arrived. I have had first aid training in the past but none have been as effective, Tom is a real credit to your company. Please pass on my thanks to him, his training was invaluable to me today.
Anaphylaxis and CPR Course | London NW11
Dave had a cheerful and interactive manner. The content was relevant and I feel informed and able to deal with an anaphylatic emergency | Dudzai
Anaphylaxis and CPR Course | London NW11
Dave was very knowledgeable about anaphylaxis and answered all our questions confidently
First Aid at Work | Worcestershire
The course was amazing and very easy to follow. Sarah was fantastic and very good. I really enjoyed it | Worcestershire County Council
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Leicestershire
This was the best first aid course Ive done, it was very well explained | Gayle
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Leicestershire
I have completed quite a few first aid courses and this has been the best by far - I will remember lots | Helena
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Warwickshire
Tom was fab, whitty & highly knowledgeable, He kept us on our toes. The course was excellent | Lisa
First Aid at Work | Solihull
An excellent course, very informative & well delivered. Brian was very knowledgabvle and had a friendly approach....great dry sense of humour ! | Thomas
First Aid at Work | Solihull
Fab delivery, clear & concise with a good mix of practical & theory. Brian was a brilliant trainer and this really helps ease any nerves | Amy
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Leicestershire
Brilliant trainer very informative and fun| Explained concepts really well :) | Jessica
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Birmingham
Hi, I attended a first aid course last Saturday at the KEC in kingshurst birmingham. I have worked in the NHS for 14 years and have never received such a fantastically delivered first aid course in all them years. Your tutor "Tom" was professional, encouraging and really supportive throughout the session. The way he delivered the information was really impressive and made everyone on the course feel comfortable enough to ask and answer questions without feeling the embarrassment of being wrong. He also kept the group engaged an intersested and eager to have a go at the practical element. I really feel I came home with a really good understanding of areas I haven't had training on before and have a better understanding of the bits I knew. I think this man is credit to your company he is a fantastic tutor, Thankyou, One very impressed childminder to be! | Cath
First Aid at Work | Solihull
Brian delivered the course content in a highly informative manner. Excellent opportunities to practice CPR techniwues and bandaging skills | Fiona
First Aid at Work | Walsall
Hi Chris, I have been meaning to do this since last week, but have been a bit busy catching up. I have to say how much I enjoyed the First Aid Training course that I was lucky to be part of last week, and cannot think of a time when I have had so much fun.....working. David is an excellent trainer, and everybody has come away very positive about the complete 3 days. His manner, approach, and skill/knowledge base was excellent, and I will definitely be recommending your company to anyone who wishes to complete this course, following this experience. Please pass my thanks to Dave, for doing such an excellent job, and wish him well | Lee
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Warwickshire
This is my 4th first-aid course & best by far. The teaching technique was excellent and it was easy to digest | Lynda
Bespoke First Aid, AED & Manual Handling | Tipton
The course yesterday was the best first aid & manual handling course I have attended in over 35 years and I think this was mainly down to the way it was put over by the tutor | Andy
Emergency First Aid at Work | London
An extremeley first class, entertaining and very informative first aid course. I have gained so much knowledge and confidence. Well done | Annette
Emergency First Aid | Walsall Council
The trainer on the day was excellent. The course was made enjoyable and the trainer had great knowledge
Emergency First Aid | Walsall Council
Excellent training session, well run by Laura. Never boring and held my attention all the way.
Paediatric First Aid 12hr | Solihull
Tom's approach is fantastic constantly keeping you alert and on the ball. The detail Tom goes into, constantley going back to subjects to remind us of certain important aspects of first aid. The practical exersises reminding us of what first aid to administer in the situation. Th ewhole content of the course and the way it was delivered was exceptional. Thank you for a fantasitic training approach helping us to learn what we need to know in the best possible way :)
Paediatric First Aid 12hr | Solihull
Best First Aid course I've been on over my years. Thanks :)
UKATA Asbestos Awareness | Birmingham
Positively presented course with the right balance of information and discussion. Thank you John
UKATA Asbestos Awareness | Birmingham
Training was really good enjoyable and broken down very well. Tash
Emergency First Aid at Work x 3 | Wolverhampton
Just to say the presenters who came last week were very good and all participants enjoyed the courses. Regards Peter
Emergency First Aid at Work | Walsall
Dear Gareth, I was on that course today, led by Bryan and Rob, and I just wanted to pass on how excellent it was. I practise a holistic therapy called "Bowen" and must hold at the very least the Emergency First Aid certificate in order to maintain my membership with the FHT. I did the initial training 3 years ago, and so had to re-train this year. Both trainings were with First Response First Aid, but I must say that I found today's training really very good. Brian and Rob offer 2 different styles of teaching, but they complement each other very well.  Brian's understated but very witty way grabbed my attention for most of the day, and left me with no doubt that I had a very knowledgeable person in front of me. If Rob initially came across as a not so confident speaker, he immediately perked up as soon as it was down to practising some skills, and his enthusiasm was very communicative. He also knows how to correct people's inaccuracy in their gestures in such a way that doesn't make them feel self-conscious, but rather encourage them to do better. The fact that he is a firefighter undoubtedly adds some perspective to his input. So I guess all I'm saying is thank you for providing such a quality training. I went home feeling rather confident with the thought of having to use those refreshed and updated skills; though I still hope not to have to use them. Kind regards Soazig
Level 3 Paediatric 12 hour | Birmingham
Delivered with ease and professionalism, willing to explain in detail any points not felt clear. Good use of stories to home in points to fix in memory. Interaction excellent linked in with each particiapnt. Well Done...Best training in 30 years | David Bessant
Level 3 Paediatric 12 hour | Birmingham
Glenn made the course very interesting but fun. The group intration was great. I have gained so much more confidence.
Level 3 Paediatric 12 hour | Warwickshire
Its the first time I've ever done a First Response FIrst Aid course as I've always done a St Johns before now. I'm very impressed as I didnt galze over | Donna
Level 3 Paediatric 12 hour | Warwickshire
Trainer helped to maintain concentration of candidates through anecdotes and light hearted questioning | Marion
First Aid at Work | Leicestershire
Mick and Alex were absolutely brilliant, they made a topic that could have dragged feel lively and fun. The trainers were so friendly & entertaining, I definitely think Ive learned a lot and I'll remember it if I need it ! Emma
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Loughborough
The trainer explained clear objectives and kept refreshing things we had done so it stuck. He was also sensitive to experinces of individuals partaking in the course | Lyndsey
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Loughborough
The trainer and resources were brilliant. Brian made everything very clear and I felt comfortable asking about things I was unsure about. | Zoe
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Paediatric First Aid
Excelent teaching and delivery of course content - easy  to remember what has been taught and made it feel comfortable to participate in the session
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Loughborough
Trainer made the subjects easy to follow and explained things very well. Brian made everyone feel at ease so doing the practicals was more relaxed and easy to follow. I felt the assessments throughout were thorough but not intimidating. | Claire
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Birmingham
What a super person who delivered the course fantastically | It was interesting and learned well. | Karen
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Birmingham
Have been on so many, many first aid courses over the years. Genuinely and by far the higest quality, delivery and fun aspects which help me retain alot more information. | Anne
Emergency First Aid at Work | Leicestershire
I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. Rod is very good at teaching us, he is patient and made it easy to understand. Asking us questions on the spot definatley helps me remember facts. Had a great day would reccomend to others. Thank you. Fantastic Teacher | Rachael
First Aid at Work | Leicester
Mick & Alex were absolutely brilliant - they made a topic that could have dragged, feel lively and fun. The trainers were so friendly & entertaining, I definitely think I've learned a lot and I'll remember it if I needed it ! | Emma
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Oldbury
Great course! Delivered by a lovely man, down to earth, spoke to us on a level, explained clearly making sure we understood before moving on...Thanks Mick | Kerry
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Oldbury
Excellent trainer with lots of understanding of how different people learn in different ways
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Oldbury
Thank you for your help, reassurance, guidance and teaching 
Emergency First Aid at Work | Walsall
Brian & Mick were excellent ! They held my intrest by giving a confident presentation and with added humour. They made me feel at ease and well informed. Will definitely recommend. (Lunch was lovely too - I'm calorie counting and there was plenty for me to choose from). Ruth
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Walsall
Tom captured everyones attention continually asking quetsions, never had time for anyone to day dream as he kept us on our toes, excellent teacher "well done Tom" | Donna
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Walsall
Tom made a subject that could have been boring very interesting and challenging. His delivery & method I found very effective. I feel very confident to carry out First Aid if I had to. Well done Tom | Millicent
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Walsall
Over the years I have attended many first aid courses, however after this one I feel I have gained the most knowledge and feel confident when dealing with any first aid. Thank you | Lisa
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Walsall
Useually when I go on a course like this one a trainer is rarely able to keep my attention because he/she talk and I listen (well try to), HOWEVER, Tom was outstanding as he kept me on my toes and I actually am confident in remembering my first aid better. Thank you | Manjeet
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Walsall
I really enjoyed this course. Tom kept me enagged throughout the whole 2 days. Well done Tom | Emma
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Walsall
Tom was an excellent trainer he fed us with a wide range of first aid knowledge and I feel very confident going back  with all the skills I have learnt | Ripa
Level 3 Paediatric First Aid | Wolverhampton
I found this course engaging. The trainer was proffesional, but approachable and friendly allowing me to feel comfortable to ask questions and ve involved. The use of videos helped to see real situations - GREAT IDEA !! | Sarah
Fire Marshall/Warden Training | Lichfield
We had the Fire Marshall training today with Keith, he was a great trainer. We have had some really positive feedback from the group and they all really enjoyed the training as a result | Laura  
Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work | Walsall
Hi there, I took part in your one-day first aid at work course today 7/9/15 at the golf club Aldridge, and I would just like to say that I have done many first aid courses in my time but the one I did today was absolutely fantastic!! The two gents that hosted the course were inspirational and I can promise you we will recommend your company to everyone that walks through our door! I feel for the first time ever, after a course that I would be confident in doing all I could in saving someone's life. I walked out wishing I did the 3-day course, ThankYou again and see you in 3 years!! Regards Sarah
Emergency First Aid | Central London
We had Ian come to carry out first aider training at York and Albany today, and I had booked myself on as I have never actually done first aider training before. I wanted to give you some feedback about the course as it is not often that I get to sit through the training. The entire day was informative and interesting and Ian has a really engaging presenting style.  By being able to draw on his own experiences as a paramedic Ian was able to make examples of how treatments are carried out real and it made it much more interesting.  He was patient while we were learning how to do CPR and use the defibrillator and took time to correct us when we were practising the bandages, CPR etc
Level 3 First Aid at Work | Solihull
Can't fault Brian or the course at all. He makes what could be a difficult and complicated course, something alive, engaging and informative. Excellent vaue for money. Well done Brian!! Keep it up. Sam
Paediatric First Aid Training | Solihull
I am writing to offer some feedback around the recent training that Nigel recently received courtesy of SMBC Early Years. Nigel has a training back ground himself and he came back from the course full of compliments for ‘Glen’ from First Response, he said the trainer was supportive, informative and very professional. He delivered the course at an even pace to cater for the participants learning need, he demonstrated patience when members in the group did not fully understand anything, the occasions for which were in themselves few and far between. The course was enjoyable and he certainly benefited from the updates that it included. We will be recommending your services, Kind Regards, Amanda
Emergency First Aid at Work + AED | Leeds
I just wanted to let you know that Dan went down a storm on Wednesday and everyone really enjoyed the course. Please can you pass on my thanks to Dan and we look forward to session number 2 on Thursday next week | Janine
Paediatric First Aid | Tipton
We booked a first aid training course through yourselves for 20th and 27th February 2016 at Pitta Patta Daycare.  I would just like to let you know how pleased we were with the training sessions.  I have attended many courses over the years and dread having to attend them as they can be very repetitive and I lose interest part way through.   The trainer ran the course extremely well, he mixed the sessions up well with a good balance of practical along with plenty of informative parts.  He kept everyone well engaged and kept checking our knowledge throughout.  I would just like to let you know what a great trainer he was and would recommend him to anyone else needing to book a first aid course. Could you pass on our thanks to Jonte.
First Aid at Work Re-qualification | Solihull
Dear Sir / Ms, I would just like to say, I found the course well structured, and very informative with special emphasis on excellent presentation. The instructor Mr Brian Dennant was obviously very knowledgeable and experienced, he possessed excellent communicating skills and made the group and myself feel at ease from the outset. It was excellent; we all enjoyed the two days thoroughly. Thank you so much! Fantastic instructor, made me feel a lot more confident. Carlton
Paediatric First Aid | Stoke
We had our basic paediatric first aid course in Stoke on Trent this morning, and I Just wanted to say that Andy Jones who delivered our training was fantastic. It was my first course in a long long time and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and other members of staff commented saying it was the best first aid course they've ever attended in their 30+ years. Please send Andy when our certificates need to be renewed!! Tricia
Schools First Aid | Worcestershire
I just wanted to send you a quick thank you email. Dan & Lee presented First aid training to members of our staff. The day went exceptionally well, was very well organised with an element of the fun factor thrown in. I have received positive feedback from various members of staff who thoroughly enjoyed the training (there's a first for everything!!). I will have no hesitation in recommending you in the future and i know where to come to when we require more training.  
Paediatric First Aid Level 3 (12 hour) | Leicestershire
I just wanted to give some feedback on the training yesterday and Wednesday.  Firstly, we loved the venue and please thank the catering staff, the food was excellent. I have attended many first aid training courses but this one by far exceeded my expectations.  The trainers were excellent and kept us engaged the whole time.  I was really impressed by their knowledge and their ability to get us to put it to use.  I have never come away from a course feeling as confident as I did yesterday.  We are really pleased that we did our training with First Response First Aid Ltd Thank you for organising.
Emergency First Aid at Work PLUS | Birmingham
Good morning. The purpose of writing is to express my thanks for Dave Whitehead for a most informative and enjoyable first aid course. Myself and the other first aiders thoroughly enjoyed it and, whilst we hope that our skills never have to be called upon, I can say on behalf of everyone that attended that if we needed to we would be confident to put our skills into action.
Emergency First Aid at Work PLUS | Solihull
I have felt compelled to write to you following the training we received yesterday. I have to say that Nigel (or Nige as he preferred to be called) was absolutely fantastic yesterday and exceeded our expectations. I have received an awful lot of compliments about the course yesterday and have to say I agree entirely. Nigel had an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and his presentation style was really very good, I have to say he has excellent interpersonal skills! He seemed to keep the trainees engaged all the way through which I know can be challenging but he was able to hold everybody’s attention throughout the day.  Please pass on our Thanks to Nigel and all at First Response.