Please see below some of the many testimonials we receive about our courses and our trainers. It really does make working in the training industry worth every second when a customer comes back and praises your work.

First Response First Aid Ltd have some of the most amazing trainers out there and anybody has that has had the pleasure of attending any one of the many course would fully agree with this statement. Well done team First Response and a big thank you goes out to our customers for providing us with so much positive feedback.

First Aid course, AED & Manual Handling bespoke course.


The course yesterday was the best first aid & manual handling course I have attended in over 35 years and I think this was mainly down to the way it was put over by the tutor.

Emergency First Aid at Work course


An extremely first class, entertaining and very informative first aid course. I have gained so much knowledge and confidence. Well done!

UKATA Asbestos Awareness course


Positively presented course with the right balance of information and discussion.

UKATA Asbestos Awareness


Training was really good enjoyable and broken down very well.

Paediatric First Aid course

Tom's approach is fantastic constantly keeping you alert and on the ball. The detail Tom goes into, constantly going back to subjects to remind us of certain important aspects of first aid. The practical exercises reminding us of what first aid to administer in the situation. Th whole content of the course and the way it was delivered was exceptional. Thank you for a fantastic training approach helping us to learn what we need to know in the best possible way :)

Emergency First Aid at Work course


Just to say the presenters who came last week were very good and all participants enjoyed the courses.

Emergency First Aid at Work course


I was on that course today, led by Bryan and Rob, and I just wanted to pass on how excellent it was. I practise a holistic therapy called "Bowen" and must hold at the very least the Emergency First Aid certificate in order to maintain my membership with the FHT. I did the initial training 3 years ago, and so had to re-train this year. Both trainings were with First Response First Aid, but I must say that I found today's training really very good. Brian and Rob offer 2 different styles of teaching, but they complement each other very well. Brian's understated but very witty way grabbed my attention for most of the day, and left me with no doubt that I had a very knowledgeable person in front of me. If Rob initially came across as a not so confident speaker, he immediately perked up as soon as it was down to practicing some skills, and his enthusiasm was very communicative. He also knows how to correct people's inaccuracy in their gestures in such a way that doesn't make them feel self-conscious, but rather encourage them to do better. The fact that he is a firefighter undoubtedly adds some perspective to his input. So I guess all I'm saying is thank you for providing such a quality training. I went home feeling rather confident with the thought of having to use those refreshed and updated skills; though I still hope not to have to use them.

Paediatric First Aid course - Level 3

David Bessant

Delivered with ease and professionalism, willing to explain in detail any points not felt clear. Good use of stories to home in points to fix in memory. Interaction excellent linked in with each participant. Well Done...Best training in 30 years.

Level 3 Paediatric First Aid Course


It's the first time I've ever done a First Response First Aid course, as I've always done a St Johns before now. I'm very impressed as I didn't glaze over.