Bespoke Training Courses

Do you have a specific first aid training requirement?

Do you want training to be tailored to your needs?

Do you want your employees to all receive the same message?


This is what First Response First Aid Training does!

Bespoke training is a challenge we always relish. First Response First Aid have designed and implemented Health and Safety training programmes with many of our customers over the years. These bespoke courses range from very minor changes to standard courses, such as for schools we have added a ‘Paediatric Element’ to the standard HSE approved Emergency First Aid at Work course, to designing a complete three year health and safety training programme for one of the largest employers in the UK.


Examples of bespoke training

Example 1: This example is a package First Response First Aid delivers for a company with 5000+ employees of whom include Directors, office staff, cleaners, electricians and plumbers, etc. For this “Triennial Training” package, we provide one day of training per year to all staff on subjects of the clients choice.

The schedule below shows the topics delivered as part of a rolling three year programme. Each course is tailored to the policies and procedures of the organisation, whilst also including what is required by legislation.


Year 1: Basic First Aid, Asbestos Awareness and Occupational Health

Year 2: Manual Handling, Working at Height, Asbestos Awareness and Driving Safely

Year 3: Principles of Risk Assessment, Environmental Awareness, Electrical Safety and Asbestos Awareness


Example 2: This example is a half day first aid course designed specifically for a care organisation who provide homes and services that enable people to enjoy a good later life through independent living. Our client didn’t require fully trained First Aid at Work staff, as they are not solely responsible for the people in their care, however they wanted their staff to have the confidence and basic skills to deal with the most common injuries or illnesses they come across :

Course content

Principles of First Aid                Company procedure following an accident or sudden illness

Primary Survey                          Secondary Survey

Recovery positions                   Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

Choking                                        Burns/Scalds

Fractures                                      Action to be taken following a fall

Shock                                            Control of Bleeding

Bandaging                                    Seizures

Strokes                                          Record keeping 


The beauty of a bespoke training package is that you decide what goes into it - no filler and no fluff!

We have many more examples of bespoke training we have delivered for our clients. For further
information, or to discuss your training requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.