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“Climate change doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re a business, a government, or an individual, it is a threat to us all and therefore a challenge for us all. I believe that collectively we can meet this challenge.” – (Environment Minister) With global warming, pollution and greenhouse gases being discussed on a daily basis, environmental impact is now firmly on the agenda for many organisations as both a corporate responsibility and sustainability issue. “We’re in this Together” is an important approach to many organisations that have achieved or are striving to achieve the Environmental Management System Standard, ISO14001. The Environmental Awareness course covers the main issues that face organisations in their attempts to better manage their environmental risks by helping managers and employees to understand the part they can play in meeting their organisation's obligations and lessen impacts on the environment. The main theme of the course is that by improving environmental awareness, everyone in the organisation can contribute to the reduction of impacts on the environment and play a positive part in the future of our environment. Did you know that between 1970 and 2004, total carbon dioxide emissions fell by 18%? Much of this decline has come from a reduction in emissions attributable to an industry which declined by 49% since 1970. Emissions caused by domestic users have declined by 22% since 1970, but those attributable to transport have more than doubled! So based on these statistics, impacts on the environment can actually be reduced if there is a desire to do so.

Aims of the Course

Environmental Awareness from First Response will explain the main issues that impact the environment and what governments, agencies and individuals are doing to improve these risks. It will also provide the trainee with an awareness of the environment, explain how their actions at work can affect it and what they can do to reduce environmental impacts. With this aim in mind, First Response believes that the module could form part of the training requirement described within the Environmental Management System Standard ISO 14001.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at all levels of employees who are required to understand and effectively control the risks which may impact on the environment. And it will provide employees with the awareness to help meet their responsibilities.

How is it Delivered?

Environmental Awareness can be delivered online or through a computer network to each trainee at their desktop or laptop or other device. We can also provide the course to be integrated into a SCORM compliant LMS. The training can be completed at the trainee’s own pace by ‘bookmarking’ and recording progress and return to the training at a later stage. In delivering the training in this way, the normal costs and possible environmental impacts associated with traditional training techniques are reduced whilst still achieving the desired awareness and compliance with the organisation’s responsibilities.

Compliance Record Keeping Instantly Solved

An invaluable feature of our eLearning modules is our learning management system called the eSP, our eSolutions Platform. This solves the problem of compliance record keeping by recording all training and completion of courses and making these records available for you to view and manage electronically. No more struggling to find training records should you have a visit from the enforcing agency or an audit. Training certificates can be printed by the trainee once the course is completed and the end assessment successfully passed.

Course Summary

The Environmental Awareness course from First Response helps managers and employees understand the issues surrounding environmental impacts and what can be done in the workplace to improve an organisation’s environmental performance.

Content of the Module

The aim of ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS is to describe the major environmental issues and help the trainees understand what can be done in the workplace to improve the environmental performance of the organisation and covers the following important areas:
1. Introduction
2. The Issues

  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Air emissions
  • Water
  • Travel
  • Noise and nuisance

3. Managing the issues
4. Self Assessment

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  • Price Per “Person”:
    £25.00 Plus VAT per licence

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